Hello, I'm Martin.

I'm a freelance web developer based in Stuttgart & Freiburg, Germany. I plan and develop responsive websites, web-applications and complex distributed systems of all shapes and sizes.


Research, climbing and traveling is what I do.

My name is Martin Lowinski and I'm a software developer based in Stuttgart & Freiburg. Currently, I'm enrolled in a PhD program at the TU Berlin and Robert Bosch, working on embedded real-time software. Besides that I love building applications for the web.


My research topic is about parallelizing real-time software for the automotive industry. The increasing complexity of automotive systems requires more computing power, which can be provided by e.g. multicore architectures. To fully benefit from this architecture, automotive software has to be parallelized efficiently while satisfying all real-time constraints.

Web / Freelancing

I am working as a professional web developer since 2008. I create and build websites from the ground up using established standards and great technologies. The web is a fascinating place and if you have a great idea for a new project, contact me and let's grab a coffee.


I am currently available for new projects.


These are some of my freelance projects.

JMEM Freiburg
JMEM Freiburg
JMEM Freiburg

August 2015

JMEM Freiburg is the german speaking branch of Youth with A Mission (YWAM).

Ignition Freiburg
YWAM Freiburg
Ignition Freiburg

February 2014

Ignition Freiburg is a discipleship school by YWAM Freiburg.

Technologies: Twitter Bootstrap Compass & SASS jQuery


February 2013 organizes adventure tours with canoeing, archery and other outdoor activities for families.

Rehearsal Booking System
Östreicher Medientechnik
Rehearsal Booking System

September 2012

Rehearsal Booking System is a follow-up project by Benjamin Östreicher, founder of Elzwavestudios. To ease the booking and managing process of the rehearsal rooms in his studios we created a system that automates important tasks and provides a flexible interface for his customers.

Technologies: Symfony2 Google Calendar jQuery

InventurApp (Picture by Mark Hunter)
P. Kleidermann e. K.

March 2012

InventurApp is a Java desktop application to ease the annual stocktaking process at the company.

Technologies: Java SQLite Swing

Östreicher Medientechnik

April 2011

Elzwavestudios is a recording studio with rehearsal rooms and a rental service for all kinds of audio equipment. The studios target both novices and experienced musicians and audio engineers. They provide the skills and setup to record an album on just one weekend or to simply jam with some friends without disturbing the neighborhood. Benjamin Östreicher launched this project together with Martin Fischer as the UI designer and myself responsible for the implementation.

Technologies: Wordpress jQuery


Ideas and other experiments.

Climber's Guide
Proof of Concept
Climber's Guide

January 2013

Climber's Guide is an Android App that shows rockclimbing areas based on the data from the DAV. It is a proof of concept to show that this information can be used on mobile devices efficiently through a REST API. As a responsive web application the app is accessible to mobile devices as well as tablets and desktops.

Technologies: Backbone.js PhoneGap Symfony2 OpenStreetMap

Simple DirectMedia Layer
Google Summer of Code
Simple DirectMedia Layer

September 2009

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D. It is used by video playback software, emulators, and popular games including Valve's award winning catalog and many Humble Bundle games.

As part of my internship at IBM Research and later Google's Summer of Code, I developed the Playstation3 port for libSDL under the mentorship of Sam Lantinga.

Technologies: C

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